August 14, 2009

Let girls be born and bloom

By Swati Sharma,(VI-A)
Army School Birpur

Would you all have been present in this world, if not for a girl who was born a generations before you?
I am speaking about your mother. So what was mentioned just now must’ve set you thinking that girls are the most important part of the society.
How glorious past was! Girls were educated and respected. It surely explains why times then, were golden.
But when the sad days came, sati, abortions, rape, dowry deaths, all these cruel acts happened with girls. Mothers strangled their babies for they perceived girls were nothing but a burden.Even if the new days saw some changes it was of no significance the 2001 census recorded 927 girls per 1000 boys. Is this a ratio? We all know that it takes a man and a woman to make a child, but if the ratio is such, from where will the next generation come?
It’s high time we realize that girls are the most indispensable part of this society and shall continue to be so and mark my words, if we want our society to succeed we must let girls he allowed to live and if you want to be come your home house wealthy and prosperous, so welcome goddess lakshmi to your home so let the girls be born and bloom.

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